First of all, words can't express how grateful we are to everyone who helped us on our mission trip to Italy - through giving, hospitality, and prayer!!

This trip had everything!! Both joy and calamity. But God got us through it all! Most of us had gotten our passports for the first time. This was also Darius' first flight...and Kimmie was VERY afraid of flying. We were surprised to find that Phil Stacy (American Idol) was on the plane with us. He was going to the Naval Air Station in Naples, and we were on our way to the Naval Air Station in Sicily...what a small world!

We were booked pretty solid and had wonderful times of ministry. We started out at the Sigonella NAS in Sicily and met some great people there! We also got to site-see in Taormina and see Mt. Etna. We then took a 12-hour ship ride through the Mediterranean sea (partially in a storm) to Naples. Then, after an ordeal trying to get the rental vehicles, it was on to Caserta with Pastor Salvatore Interlandi. What a GREAT time we had there...and the food!! I wish we would have had more time with them...we'll hopefully see them again in September!

Then it was on to Benevento. Several of us were sick by this time...ewwwww! We had wonderful hosts there...Pastor Roberto Sferruzo and his family...and a wonderful translator: Daniele. We were getting ready to leave from there to go to Rome and our minibus got stuck in the mud...in the dark...and in the RAIN!!! Anyway, we left the next morning and went on to Rome and met up with Pastor Ivano DeGasperis. We ministered in several churches there and met some great people.

While I could write a book on our experiences...I'll have to sum it up. We had more food than we could have hoped for, great ministry, great fellowship, people were saved and lives were changed, calamities, joy, sickness, health, challenges, angels, provision, safety, site-seeing, and much more! We've been invited back to minister in several areas throughout Italy and to train their worship leaders and musicians for evangelism. Please keep us in prayer concerning all these things! Praise the Lord!!! To see pictures and videos of our trip please visit our MEDIA section.