SOUL CHOIR is dedicated to bringing the Good News of God's unconditional love and our hope of salvation through the powerful catalyst of excellent music especially to those in prison, the homeless, the poverty stricken, and those who are hurting and feel they have no hope (Isaiah 58:10, Isaiah 61:1, Matthew 25:31-46, Acts 20:24, James 1:27)

Part of our core ministry is sharing the love of God with the homeless.  Since our inception, we have had the great honor of ministering in facilities like: The Nashville Rescue Mission Men’s & Women’s facilities and Recovering Addict Programs, and partnering with organizations like: The Metro Homelessness Commission, The Key Alliance, Room in the Inn, Layman Lessons, The Salvation Army, and The Hope Center of Nashville..

We give them the Gospel, share God’s love with them, let them know that they have value, they haven’t been forgotten and God has a plan for them.  We want to inspire them to live for God.  We want to snatch back these most vulnerable people from the Enemy and restore and revive them.  We also want to partner with or create programs that will help them…whether it be helping them find jobs, teaching a new vocation, providing blankets, food and clothing, etc.
We have been thrilled to see people's lives changed right before our eyes.  Hearing prayers being lifted up around a room as people are accepting Christ for the first time is indescribable!!  God has used the Soul Choir mightily in the missions and on the streets of Nashville to revive, restore and recruit souls for the Kingdom that the enemy would want to destroy.  Please visit our References section to read letters about the impact that Soul Choir has had in the homeless facilities here.

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